Memory of Water Opening Night


The Memory of Water by Shelagh Stephenson is a play about three sisters dealing with the death of their mother and the unlikely hilarity of this situation!  Director Mark Stringham warns that of you miss this play he will kidnap C-News reporters Amy Zepeda and Mickey Martinez.  Be sure to make reservations to see this play while it is still showing.

By Sophia A. Rodriguez


“The Memory of Water,” a play by Shelagh Stephenson with a message of how to never lose love and hope, opens at 8 p.m. Feb. 22 in Elizabeth Huth Coates Theatre.

The Department of Theatre Arts bills the two-hour play as a “gloriously funny and deeply felt story about three bereaved sisters who have come together for the funeral of their mother, (Vi).”

This reunion of the sisters – Catherine, Mary and Theresa – who bring their spouses along leads to the uncovering of family secrets, quarrels over funeral arrangements and the sisters’ mixed memories of a “highly feminine working-class mother.”

Mark Stringham, an assistant professor of theatre arts, is directing a cast that includes Sandra Alonso as Mary; Eric Montoya as Mike; Joshua Hutchinson as Frank; Caitlin Roberts as Teresa; Kristin Mancha as Catherine; and Lauren Garcia as Vi.[…]

Courtesy of Logos